Chiptuning for Mazda 2, with the world's smallest tuning box!

This is how easy chiptuning is on Mazda 2

Chiptuning Schritt 1 Disconnect connector from Mazda 2 pressure sensor.
Chiptuning Schritt 2 Plug Micro-Chiptuning onto Mazda 2 Pressure Sensor.
Chiptuning Schritt 3 Plug connector onto micro chip tuning.

Our sample videos

On our Youtube channel, we show you how easy it is to use our chip tuning box with various sample videos.

Video, die weltweit kleinste Tuning-Box
Video Tuning vom Leistungsprüfstand!

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Our all-wheel test bench

Why micro-chiptuning?

Micro-chiptuning Competitor 1 Competitor 2
Price incl. 19% VAT. 149,00 € 129,00 € 99,00 €
2 years product warranty
Engine warranty included
Fully waterproof (IP68)
Temperature resistant -40/+150°C
Smallest dimensions

Your advantages:
The world's smallest Mazda 2 tuning box
The world's smallest chip tuning box with engine guarantee

Due to its extremely compact design, this chip tuning box can be mounted directly under the engine cover of your vehicle, for example. On the one hand, this makes installation much easier and, on the other, offers perfect protection from prying eyes.


No adjustment necessary

Developing the engine tuning is the manufacturer's job - not the customer's! You therefore receive the micro-chiptuning ready-programmed with a vehicle-specific map. You do not have to carry out any adjustment work.


Up to 20% more power and torque

You get a performance increase developed by automotive engineers. Up to 20% more power and torque are still possible today without exceeding component load limits. We confirm this with our extended warranty on engine, gearbox and differential. Only for vehicles registered in Germany. To claim the free warranty, you must provide proof of installation from a workshop.

Download warranty PDF


Up to 15% better fuel consumption

Significantly more power for low revs and improved efficiency reduce the fuel consumption of your Mazda 2 by up to 15%. This is how tuning pays off!


Original equipment quality from Germany

The Micro-Chiptuning is developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany. The microprocessor-controlled electronics are waterproof and shockproof encapsulated in epoxy resin. Our connectors are waterproof according to protection class IP 68. All components are at least temperature-resistant in the range -40°C to +125°C.


Suitable for all vehicles

The micro-chiptuning is suitable for all vehicles listed by us, both with all-wheel drive, diesel particulate filter as well as manual, DSG and automatic transmissions. The standard engine protection functions of your Mazda 2 are also retained.


Simple assembly with connectors

Precisely fitting connectors in original equipment quality enable even the layman to install the system in just a few minutes. This means that the performance upgrade can be retrofitted at any time without leaving a trace. You will receive illustrated installation instructions for your Mazda 2.

If you have any questions about installation, we will be happy to help.

How is it created
the additional power?

By utilising the manufacturer's tolerances, this tuning allows the Mazda 2 to increase power and torque by up to 20%!

The micro-chip tuning control units monitor the output signal of a fuel or boost pressure sensor and pass it on to the engine control unit either modified or unchanged, depending on the map. In this way, higher fuel or boost pressure can be used in the necessary load and speed ranges to increase engine performance. This results in a power increase that represents an optimal balance of driving pleasure, engine durability and statutory exhaust emission regulations.

Our performance enhancements are developed on one of the most modern apex roller all-wheel test benches:

  • ISO speed axis synchronisation
  • Eddy current brake(s): 2 x 400kW
  • max. measurable engine power: 941kW/1280PS
  • max. wheel power: 800kW/1088PS
  • Max. speed: 300 km/h permanently, 350 km/h temporarily
  • max. measuring error < 0.1 %
  • Blower capacity: 80,000 m³/h
Leistungsprüfstand Leistungsdiagramm

Engine warranty

Included: 12 months engine warranty

The Micro-Chiptuning-Box comes with an extended warranty on engine, gearbox and differential. We offer this extra protection for your Mazda 2 completely free of charge.

We take the high quality of our product into account by extending the consumer's legal rights and extending the product warranty for damage to the engine, transmission and differential.

Download GarantiebedingungenDownload the warranty conditions

Race Chip

Highest reliability due to protection class IP68

In the automotive sector, IP65 protection is required by clients in the automotive industry. Since our products are also used for trucks as well as agricultural and construction machinery, we go more than one step further and manufacture all products in the almost highest protection class IP68 (protection against dust ingress and permanent immersion).

You will not receive any computer connectors from us, for example. These are not intended for use in the automotive sector.

Less consumption

More power, less consumption

Installing the micro chip tuning control unit also improves the efficiency of your engine. This means lower fuel consumption at the same time. Furthermore, the increase in torque gives your engine more power, especially in the lower speed ranges.

This power increase thus allows driving in a higher gear at low revs. This works for both manual and automatic transmission vehicles.

The combination of improved efficiency and low speeds reduce consumption by up to 15%.

So the performance increase for your Mazda 2 quickly pays for itself.