Chiptuning Plus Gas Pedal Tuning for Honda CR-V III

High-Speed Accelerator Tuning Plus Chiptuning on Honda CR-V III

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Acceleration in completely new dimensions with your Honda CR-V III!

Chip tuning or accelerator tuning for more speed and driving pleasure? Don't decide any longer
for one or the other! Because only both tuning products together bring absolute performance
and even more speed to the asphalt!
Acceleration redefined - With the Chip PLUS pedal

From the very first step on the accelerator, you feel yourself being pressed mightily into the seat. When your
right foot hangs on the engine full of joy and the game of acceleration becomes a real adrenaline kick
, you know that a Chip-PLUS pedal from Micro-Chiptuning leads the way for the rich power development.
Enjoy an explosive extra of acceleration that you have not yet experienced with chip tuning or accelerator tuning
Proven tuning products in excellent synergy

In a world first, we have perfectly matched micro chip tuning and accelerator pedal tuning.
You will receive this tuning for your Honda CR-V III as a chip PLUS pedal! Of course including engine warranty,
because all tolerance ranges of the manufacturers are consistently adhered to.
The chip tuning module

is already completely pre-programmed for the respective engine of your vehicle. You do not need to carry out any tuning on the vehicle
. Simply install the chip tuning box in a few simple steps and you're done.
The accelerator tuning

can also be easily installed within a few minutes. You can determine the response behaviour when accelerating
at any time, depending on the situation, by clicking on the controller of the accelerator tuning box. Four
performance levels - three for more power in direct response (incl. six fine tuning settings)
and one for the fuel-saving ECO mode - are available for selection.
Determine your own acceleration dynamics at any time

Delays when accelerating are a thing of the past with the Chip-PLUS pedal on your Honda CR-V III.
As soon as you step on the accelerator, you experience an immediate, prompt response. The performance increase
unfolds immediately with all its power and you adjust this individually according to your personal wishes.