21.Apr.2011 - VW Scirocco chip tuning shoots the sports coupé to the highest performance levels

VW Scirocco drivers will be in top form with chip tuning from Micro-Chiptuning Germany - and make their opponents look very pale. Up to 45 additional horsepower puts the VW Scirocco in pole position among the sporty coupés.

The Scirocco legend lives on! And more so than ever. The coupé from VW comes sporty even in its standard equipment. But the Scirocco really comes into its own with chip tuning from Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland (https://www.micro-chiptuning.com). The performance-enhancing chip tuning box is available for both the VW Scirocco Turbo Diesel and the petrol engine.

For the Scirocco chip tuning, Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland focused its development work on performance enhancement combined with the best possible engine protection right from the start. The data stored by VW in the engine control unit is used by the chip tuning box to achieve optimised engine performance up to the maximum limit, thus maintaining the factory engine protection function. Nevertheless, VW Scirocco drivers get an extended warranty on the engine, gearbox and differential free of charge with the chip tuning box.

The chip tuning promises up to 20% more torque for the VW Scirocco. And this can be achieved very quickly for customers of Micro-Chiptuning Germany. The small tuning box can be integrated into the existing electronics at the click of a button thanks to matching plug connections. Hidden quasi invisibly under the bonnet, the tiny box takes up hardly any space.

Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland provides information on all technical details of the chip tuning box on its website https://www.micro-chiptuning.com/chiptuning-vw-scirocco-3/. Here, interested Scirocco drivers can also get all the facts about the extended engine warranty and the high durability of the box.