29.Nov.2010 - The world's smallest chip tuning box provides plenty of torque

The manufacturer Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland presents the currently smallest chip tuning box in the world.The car tuning add-on control unit can be installed in a few minutes with little effort thanks to its particularly compact design.

Hohenthurm, 29.11.2010
For enthusiastic car drivers, chip tuning means pure driving pleasure thanks to more engine power. Chip tuning manufacturer Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland from near Halle/Saale makes it possible for this fun to be installed in many vehicle models quickly and easily.

The tuning professionals around owner Denis Jany have succeeded in developing a control unit that can be easily installed under any engine cover due to its minimal size. This makes it completely invisible. The company claims an installation time of sometimes less than one minute, depending on the type of vehicle. This is possible, among other things, because original plugs are used for each vehicle model.

With a size of the tuning box of just 40 x 25 mm, it is amazing what this tiny tuning component can achieve. Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland states that up to 20 percent more torque and engine power can be achieved. In order to achieve this optimally for every vehicle model - from station wagons to sports cars - the various vehicle versions of the tuning box are programmed specifically for the model and adapted to the characteristic diagrams of the engine control unit.

By utilising the higher torque, fuel consumption also benefits. In this way, the small tuning box easily manages the balancing act between increasing performance and reducing fuel consumption, and is sure to quickly become a popular "tuning giant" for its owners. The investment in the tuning box thus quickly pays for itself.

Denis Jany, owner of Micro-Chiptuning Germany, adds: "When developing the chip tuning box, we invested a lot of time, knowledge and energy in the greatest possible efficiency. To ensure that the driving pleasure is of a long-term nature, we give a one-year guarantee on the engine, gearbox and differential when you buy the chip tuning box. And anyone who is not satisfied with the Chiptuning Box after an individual tuning test can easily return it to us within 30 days of purchase."

The Chiptuning Box is available online from Micro-Chiptuning Germany from EUR 149. www.micro-chiptuning.com