04.Feb.2011 - TFSi Tuning

Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland launches the new TFSi tuning for Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda turbo vehicles in the world's smallest TFSi chip tuning box.

More power for turbo engines thanks to TFSi tuning at particularly favourable conditions? What many VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda car owners have been waiting for for a long time, Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland now provides with its new TFSi Tuning Box a technically and price-wise brilliant solution.

The world's smallest tuning box for turbo engines brings even more turbo power to the tarmac and also impresses with its quick, problem-free installation. The tuning box can be integrated completely invisibly under the engine cover and unfolds its full power from there. In detail, this means up to 20 percent more torque with the new TFSi tuning box.

Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland - www.micro-chiptuning.com - also proves with the new TFSi tuning box that turbo tuning does not have to cost several hundred euros. The TFSi Chiptuning Box is available from 159 euros, and a warranty of one year or up to a maximum mileage of 100,000 kilometres is included on the engine, gearbox and differential.

And to ensure that the driving pleasure is particularly long-lasting, the electronics have been completely cast in epoxy resin. This means that the tuning box and all plug connections are not only waterproof and extremely resistant, but also meet the high standards of IP68 protection.

All further technical details as well as information for TFSI tuning for Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda are available on the website of Micro-Chiptuning Germany.