18.Nov.2016 - TDI-Tuning

TDI tuning via microchip for even more turbo power

Chip tuning in TDI vehicles has been as popular as TDI technology itself for years.

More power and less fuel consumption are arguments that clearly speak for TDI tuning.

The TDI technology for vehicle engines, which was largely developed by the VW Group, has become indispensable on the roads of this world. All around the globe, the TDI logo is emblazoned on vehicles of the most diverse brands.

Since TDI engines have been used in vehicles, the technology has continued to improve. From the first engines with distributor injection pumps to engines with pump-injector technology to modern common-rail injection, power delivery has been continuously optimised.

TDI chip tuning increases efficiency by up to 30%

But TDI Chiptuning like that of Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland proves that common-rail technology is not the end of the line when it comes to increasing performance. Developed, tested and produced in Germany, the chip tuning for TDI vehicles elicits up to 30% more power and torque; and that in all speed ranges.

Cost-conscious drivers also like to use TDI chip tuning because of its fuel-saving potential; after all, savings of up to 15% are possible. By the way, the chip tuning box behaves neutrally during maintenance measures; removal is not necessary. Also, the AU values are not negatively influenced.

Chip tuning with engine guarantee

Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland has been engaged in the development of highly efficient chip tuning components since 1999. So it is not surprising that the tuning experts offer their tuning box, according to the manufacturer "The smallest chip tuning box in the world", including warranty on engine, gearbox and differential.

The TDI micro-chiptuning for diesel vehicles of the Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW brands is available in the tuning shop www.micro-chiptuning.com.