23.Nov.2016 - GTI Tuning

GTI tuning for racy driving fun with VW Golf and Polo.

GTI drivers are naturally fond of hot tyres. With chip tuning for GTI vehicles, this becomes even hotter.

GTI stands for much more than just Gran Turismo injection. For drivers of VW Golf or Polo, GTI is a clear statement: really a lot of power, really a lot of sport and really a lot of fun on four wide "tyres". VW delivers appealing performance parameters for this at the factory. But more power also means more fun. That's what the chip tuning experts at Micro-Chiptuning Germany thought and set about optimising performance with a tuning box.

Chiptuning for VW GTI models really lets it rip

With the chip tuning for GTI they conjured up great things: power and torque increase by up to 20% after the quick installation of the tuning box. This is made possible by optimised fuel and boost pressure. The performance increase of the chip tuning box from Micro-Chiptuning Germany automatically adjusts to optimal parameters so that the driving pleasure knows unlimited joy for a long time. Engine durability and legal exhaust emission regulations are thus perfectly combined with the desired driving pleasure.

Engine warranty for GTI chip tuning included

The chip tuning box is completely developed and manufactured in Germany. Time-consuming and cost-intensive, each model is put through its paces on our own test stand. Only when all parameters have been verified does the respective chip tuning go on sale.

The fact that the purchase of the tuning box also includes a 12-month free warranty on the engine, gearbox and differential speaks for itself, as Denis Jany, owner of Micro-Chiptuning Germany, says: "From the development of the chip tuning to the production, we rely on the highest quality. We can guarantee this 100% because we only manufacture in Germany and don't have it made in Asia like some other suppliers."

The "world's smallest chip tuning box" for VW GTI vehicles is available in the Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland online shop: