05.Mar.2010 - Full speed ahead with chip tuning for petrol and diesel engines

Car Styling Halle has been offering chip tuning and power box tuning for cars and trucks for 10 years and is launching its new online shop for this purpose.

More engine power with less fuel consumption, that's what many a vehicle owner wants. But how can such a modification of the vehicle performance be achieved? The solution in this case is called chip tuning. A successful provider of high-quality tuning solutions on the German market is Car Styling from Hohenthurm near Halle/Saale. The company with a 10-year history of success is a manufacturer of electronic performance enhancements and consumption optimisation.

Those who want to achieve a reduction in fuel consumption in view of the constantly high fuel costs, for example, fall back on the tuning carefree package from Car Styling. By means of a chip tuning add-on control unit, the so-called power box, the torque of the respective vehicle is specifically increased. The factory specifications of the vehicle manufacturer are not exceeded. The positive effect for every driver and their wallet: up to 15% less fuel consumption with the same driving style.

A particular advantage of the Powerbox is its universal applicability. If you use the chip tuning box today in a Brand X vehicle, you can easily take it with you when you change vehicles. After an inexpensive software update and the connection of an appropriate cable for the new vehicle, the chip tuning also works as desired in the new vehicle.

As the manufacturer of the Powerbox, Car Styling has a nationwide network of installation workshops throughout Germany where customers can have the box ordered in the online shop installed free of charge.

In this regard, Car Styling Managing Director Denis Jany draws particular attention to the company's high internal quality requirements in chip tuning:
"Our regional partners are chip tuning specialists who have been tested by us. If no contractual partner is available in a region, we contact the workshop chosen by the customer as an alternative and ensure professional installation of the power box according to our guidelines. This does not cost our customers a cent more. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a full warranty on the engine, gearbox and differential."

More information on chip tuning, consumption optimisation for trucks and cars as well as the Powerbox CPM 5.0 is available on the Car Styling Halle website.