08.Apr.2008 - Diesel economy module

Car Styling: Diesel Saving Module With New Product on the Market


A glance at the price displays at petrol stations probably draws worry lines on everyone's face at the moment. The press speculates that diesel might even become more expensive than petrol. What is annoying in private life takes on completely different dimensions in the business sector. The transport industry is, of course, particularly affected. "There are alternatives," says Denis Jany, owner of the company CarStyling Halle/Saale, based in Hohenthurm in the Saale district.
Denis Jany can now look back on a good 15 years of experience in the automotive sector. In recent years, he has been particularly intensively involved with questions of performance enhancement and optimisation of engine performance. In this context, the cooperation with Wenning Automotive GmbH has proven particularly successful. With its developments, the company is a supplier and partner to the automotive and supplier industry and has profound know-how in engine electronics.

Up to 20 percent less diesel consumption
The tried and tested partnership has now come to market with a new product: the Diesel Saving Module (DSM). Denis Jany predicts up to 20 percent less diesel consumption after its installation. A fully digital microprocessor circuit, connected to sensors in the engine compartment, controls the engine's torque to optimise efficiency under partial load and reduce fuel consumption. "Crucially, this does not affect engine performance or driving comfort in any way," explains Denis Jany. Likewise, there is no impairment of exhaust emission test values and the module also works excellently with diesel particulate filters by reducing CO2 emissions and soot formation.

In order to stand out from ineffective products that are unfortunately also on the market, a satisfaction guarantee is offered for the Diesel Saving Module. If the product performance does not meet the customer's expectations, he can return the module within 30 days without giving any reason and with a full refund of the purchase price. Maximum operational safety is ensured by testing and certification of the component with regard to electromagnetic immunity according to 72/245/EEC.
While Wenning Automotive is responsible for the development of the DSM, CarStyling Halle acts as a sales and service partner.

Simple installation and easy retrofitting
The diesel economy module is suitable for all common-rail engines. The range of vehicles for which it is offered includes passenger cars as well as trucks and agricultural vehicles from a wide variety of manufacturers and is constantly being expanded. An overview of the types for which the module is currently available can be found at www.wenigertanken24.de. A newsletter and a diesel savings calculator are also available there.

In contrast to the previously known Eco-Tuning, which is based on a reprogramming of the engine control unit, the DSM is an electronic add-on part, a box, 11 x 6 x 3 cm in size. It is mounted via a simple plug-in connection and can be retrofitted at any time without leaving a trace. This opens up a very decisive advantage of the component: it can be removed when the vehicle is changed and reused in the new vehicle. At most, a software update or a different connection cable is then necessary.

According to the operating instructions supplied, the simple installation can be carried out within about ten minutes by the user or in a workshop.
The module can be purchased directly from CarStyling or by mail order. In the future, sales are to be expanded in cooperation with independent workshops, dealer enquiries are accordingly desired, and advertising support is promised.
"With the diesel saving module, an enormous reduction in fuel consumption can be achieved. I think this is interesting for every company, but especially for companies that work with large vehicle fleets in the transport sector," emphasises Denis Jany. He is of course available for comprehensive advice.

CarStylingHalle/Saale: Diesel Saving Module
Cost relief now also for the transport and logistics industry
After the Diesel Saving Module (DSM) has already proven itself in many cases for passenger cars and vans and provides lasting cost relief for vehicle owners, this positive aspect can now also be used for the truck sector. An abundance of 40,000 kilometres of endurance testing brought the clear result: with the DSM, diesel consumption was reduced by an average of 14.6 %. The module was specially adjusted to the load conditions of the engine when driving on country roads at 70 km/h and on motorways at 89 km/h. The DSM is now ready for use in the truck sector.

This is the starting signal for DSM use in trucks. From now on, all MAN Common Rail Diesels can be equipped with the module. This offers a realistic possibility of counteracting rising operating costs. According to the Bundesverband Güterkraftverkehr Logistik und Entsorgung (BGL) e.V. (Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Disposal), the development of the diesel price in the monthly comparison April to May 2008 had increased by 9.8 %.
The significant saving in diesel consumption of around 15 % with the DSM lowers ongoing operating costs, gives users a clear advantage in the market and thus contributes to relieving the burden on companies in the logistics sector.

The diesel saving module specifically controls the load condition and optimises the efficiency of the engine on this basis. With maximum engine safety, this results in both more torque and power as well as reduced fuel consumption.
Crucially, all standard engine protection functions remain fully functional. The module's electronics were designed by the development engineers in such a way that neither the permissible exhaust gas temperature nor the load limits of individual components are exceeded, so there is no additional load on the engines. The testing of the electromagnetic immunity of the DSM according to 72/245/EEC guarantees maximum operational safety.

The diesel fuel-saving module uses only original plug-in connections on the engine. The installation can be carried out by any trucker himself or in a workshop within less than 20 minutes.
Since the DSM is completely service-neutral, vehicles can be serviced both with and without the module. The service technicians receive the measurement parameters of an unchanged engine, all diagnostic functions remain fully intact. No messages are left in the fault memory of the vehicle equipped with a DSM.

The completely trackless disassembly opens up another advantage. The DSM can be installed in any other truck with Common Rail technology, e.g. when buying a new one. At most, a software update or a different connection cable is required for a small fee.
For customer safety, every buyer is guaranteed a 30-day money-back guarantee. Within this period, the module can be returned without giving reasons.
Further development of the DSM is also planned for other truck types and is offered on a customer-specific basis. Special consultation appointments can be arranged.