24.Jul.2015 - Chiptuning torpedoes the Audi RS3 to over 400 hp

Once again 10% more power thanks to chip tuning for the Audi RS3. Micro-Chiptuning Germany also brings this Audi to top performance.

"Four rings for a hallelujah"! In reference to the cinema classic from the 1970s, Audi RS3 drivers experience a veritable Hallelujah after installing the chip tuning box from Chiptuning-Box of Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland.

The additional power of 47 Nm / 37 hp propels the Quattro to top performance at lightning speed. All in all, the chip tuning box delivers a torque of 512 Nm. This guarantees a real goosebump feeling in every phase.

Chiptuning installation with a few simple steps

As with all Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland products, the chip tuning box is also installed under the engine cover of the Audi RS3 within a few minutes. No special knowledge is required. Due to its compact design, the chip tuning box disappears as if invisible in the engine compartment.

Compliance with legal requirements

Users of the chip tuning box for the Audi RS3 always play it safe.  On the one hand, all legal exhaust emission regulations are strictly adhered to. On the other hand, Micro-Chiptuning Germany provides an additional warranty on the engine, gearbox and differential.

Further technical information on the chip tuning box for the Audi RS3 as well as direct ordering options can be found at the Website of Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland.