28.Feb.2011 - Chiptuning for VW T5 Multivan boosts engine performance and consumption

The VW T5 Multivan gets significantly more power for less money by installing the world's smallest chip tuning box from Micro-Chiptuning Germany. The warranty on the engine is included.

Those who own a large-capacity saloon like the VW T5 Multivan enjoy enormous versatility, ample space and great comfort. For the everyday driver, the engine power of the VW T5 supplied by VW offers sufficient engine performance. With the chip tuning box from Micro-Chiptuning Germany, drivers with sporty ambitions now get even more thrust on the asphalt for little money.

The chip tuning box increases power and torque by up to 20%. Thanks to more power in the low rev range and optimal efficiency, it reduces fuel consumption. Up to 15% less diesel consumption - with today's exorbitantly high mineral prices, this is an advantage that pays off very quickly for its owner with the purchase of the Chiptuning Box.

The tuning box is installed in no time at all. Tuning customers of Micro-Chiptuning Germany receive the box including type-exact plug connections, whose connection to the existing system is quick and free of complications. With its small size, the chip tuning box disappears completely invisibly under the engine cover of the VW T5 Multivan.

Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland sells the chip tuning box for the VW T5 online via its website https://www.micro-chiptuning.com/chiptuning-vw-t5/. There you will also find all the information about the warranty services on the engine, gearbox and differential, which are part of the package price with every Tuning Box.