27.Jul.2011 - Chiptuning for Volvo XC90 turns the SUV into a sporting cannon

Micro-Chiptuning Germany pushes the versatile Volvo to become an SUV performance athlete thanks to chip tuning. Higher torque with less consumption is the sporty solution for fans of the Swede who are interested in chip tuning.

High-volume five cylinders drive the turbo diesel from the Swedish Volvo Group. Standard all-wheel drive ensures the best grip in all weather conditions. And the Volvo XC90 gets its sporty character values additionally with chip tuning from Micro-Chiptuning Germany.

With its chip tuning box, the manufacturer from Saxony-Anhalt offers professional, model-specific performance optimisation for vehicles from almost all manufacturers, which now also benefits the Volvo XC90.

Thanks to chip tuning, a maximum increase of 63 Newton metres brings a torque of up to 483 impressive Nm to explode in the Volvo XC90. Depending on the driving style, the increase in performance is also accompanied by a reduction in fuel consumption. 15 percent less thirst means longer driving pleasure with one tank of fuel. Drivers of large SUVs in particular will certainly appreciate this.

The chip tuning box for the Volvo XC90 is developed and produced in Germany. The manufacturer Micro-Chiptuning thus relies completely on German engineering art and quality. This also results in the extended warranty on the engine, gearbox and differential, which chip tuning fans receive with the tuning box for the Volvo CX90.

According to the manufacturer, the installation of the chip tuning box can be easily carried out by any driver in just a few steps. Instructions for quick installation are included with the chip tuning box.

The chip tuning for the Volvo XC90 can be ordered online in the shop of Micro-Chiptuning Germany.