10.Jul.2015 - Chiptuning for Porsche Macan with up to 45 additional horsepower

Chiptuning achieves new dimensions of power even for super sports cars. In the Porsche Macan, chip tuning awakens up to 83 undiscovered Nm.

The Porsche Macan sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds. With the turbo engine without performance enhancement! But what happens when this impressive Porsche power source is given another targeted boost? Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland has taken an interest in just that and developed a high-performance chiptuning for the Porsche Macan.

And it is amazing what the developers have tickled out of even a Porsche. Depending on the Macan model, the test report shows an increase of 25 to 45 hp. That is additional driving pleasure for little money.

Very important for all Porsche Macan owners: This driving pleasure is even covered! Because Micro-Chiptuning Germany sells the chip tuning for the Porsche Macan including a warranty of 12 months on the engine, gearbox and differential.

Sporty drivers will probably pay less attention to the efficiency, which is specifically improved in connection with the chip tuning. Nevertheless, the associated reduction in fuel consumption - depending on the driving style - offers a financial saving of up to 15%. Macan drivers will look up enthusiastically at the petrol pump at the latest.

All technical facts as well as ordering options for the chip tuning box for the Porsche Macan are available on the manufacturer's website: https://www.micro-chiptuning.com/chiptuning-porsche-macan/