24.May.2011 - Chiptuning for Mercedes E-Class CDI fascinates with top performance

With chip tuning from Micro-Chiptuning Germany, the Mercedes E-Class receives an impressive performance increase in the premium range.
An additional torque of up to 81 Nm also makes the eyes of Mercedes luxury class vehicle owners shine.


Calling a Mercedes E-Class your own always means having the latest vehicle technology at your disposal. The new E-Class CDI BlueEfficiency Diesel models deliver more power on the road than their predecessors and also consume less fuel.

Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland (www.micro-chiptuning.com) proves with the chip tuning box for the E-Class that with many years of tuning know-how, even more engine power and torque can be extracted from the Mercedes premium segment.

The chip tuning professionals from Saxony-Anhalt pack up to 81 Nm (31 kW) more torque into the 4- and 6-cylinder diesel engines of the E-Class. This means that even more power reserves are available in the lower speed range. The resulting reduction in diesel consumption of up to 15% allows the Mercedes E-Class with BlueEfficiency Technology to shine in an even more environmentally friendly "green" light.

Extended engine warranty provides additional security with chip tuning
"Technology Made in Germany" are the chip tuning boxes from Micro-Chiptuning Germany. The production according to the highest quality standards makes an extended engine warranty of one year possible, which all owners of the chip tuning box receive. This covers the engine, gearbox and differential.

For special protection and high resistance, the electronics are completely cast in epoxy resin and do not allow environmental or other external interference to reach the tuning box.

The chip tuning box as well as detailed information on the possible performance increases for the Mercedes E-Class CDI models are available on the website of Micro-Chiptuning Germany. www.micro-chiptuning.com