23.Apr.2011 - Chiptuning for Audi TT accelerates to unimagined engine power

The racy sports car from Audi takes off to the full with chiptuning from Micro-Chiptuning Germany. The performance increase is up to 55 additional Newton metres.

Audi has been known for its racy sports cars for many years. The Audi TT also joins the ranks of successful sports cars from the Ingolstadt manufacturer. Friends of powerful road sports cars can now get even more engine power and driving pleasure out of their Audi TT. And they can do so effortlessly with chip tuning from the manufacturer Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland (https://www.micro-chiptuning.com/chiptuning-audi-tt/).

The chip tuning box for the Audi TT - available for both petrol and diesel engines - puts up to 55 Newton metres more power into the engine and thus up to 45 more horsepower onto the asphalt. It's a pity for anyone who thinks evil of it, but now even some 911s will have to dress warmly when starting at the traffic lights with a chip-tuned TT.

And if the going gets tough: the chip tuning box is particularly resistant thanks to its epoxy resin surround. All plug connections guarantee the cleanest functions at all times and compliance with the high IP68 protection rating.

The chip tuning box can be quickly installed by anyone. Type-specific plug connections make it possible to connect to the Audi TT electronics in seconds. The small tuning box is then hidden invisibly under the engine cover. Within a few moments, you can get started and really step on the gas for the first time.

Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland produces the chip tuning box according to the highest quality standards only in Germany. For this reason, the company offers an extended warranty on the engine, gearbox and differential free of charge when purchasing the tuning box.

Further technical facts as well as ordering options for the chip tuning box for the Audi TT are available on the manufacturer's website: https://www.micro-chiptuning.com/chiptuning-audi-tt/