30.Mar.2011 - Chiptuning box in the Chevrolet Captiva provides bear power

Thanks to the chip tuning box from Micro-Chiptuning Germany, the off-roader with saloon qualities gets a whopping 44 to 48 Nm more power packed into the engine.

Nowadays, modern families need vehicles that meet all their requirements. Ample space, many seats and attractive extras from sound to design. Most of the time, it is modern fathers who also like to invest in a powerful engine to steer the family saloon from A to B quickly and without risk.

Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland now provides more engine power by putting up to 48 Nm more power under the bonnet of the Chevrolet Captiva with the tiny chip tuning box. This means up to 27 additional horsepower, which can provide important services in many a situation.

Hard to believe: the chip tuning box from Micro-Chiptuning Germany can be installed by yourself in just a few steps and disappears as if invisible under the engine cover. The performance increase is therefore available in minutes and immediately plays its trump cards "up to 20% more torque" and "up to 15% less consumption".

The chip tuning for the Chevrolet Captiva is available as standard with an engine warranty that provides additional protection for the engine, transmission and differential for one year.

The tuning box for the Chevrolet Captica is available including a money-back guarantee on the website of Micro-Chiptuning Germany https://www.micro-chiptuning.com/chiptuning-chevrolet-captiva/ orderable.