15.Jul.2011 - BMW F10 chip tuning brings fiery spice to the new five-seater

Higher pulling power and lower consumption in the BMW F10 and BMW F11 thanks to chip tuning. Micro-Chiptuning Germany is also giving the new 5 Series models a major facelift in terms of engine performance.

Since 2010, the sixth generation of the BMW 5 Series has been on the roads of this world. Elegance paired with Bavarian-dominant sportiness also make the BMW F10 and the BMW F11 sought-after vehicles of the upper middle class.

The chip tuning professionals from Micro-Chiptuning Germany prove that sporty performance can also be a bit more. With their chip tuning box for the diesel models of the BMW F10 as a sedan and the BMW F11 as a touring version, they get noticeably more power out of the engines of the Munich-based vehicle manufacturer.

The tuners elicit up to 90 Newton metres more torque from the new 5 Series and thus deliver even more acceleration to the tarmac thanks to higher pulling power. Another advantage of chip tuning for the BMW F10 and BMW F11: average fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 15% with the right driving style.

Not all chip tuning is the same! Differences between the manufacturers can be seen above all when it comes to engine safety. Since Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland only develops and produces its tuning box "Made in Germany", the company can guarantee compliance with the highest quality standards for BMW F10 and F11 chip tuning. The extended warranty on the engine, transmission and differential of the new BMW 5 Series therefore ensures confidence and carefree driving with the chip tuning box right from the start.

The chip tuning box for the BMW F10 and BMW F11 is available online in the Micro-Chiptuning Germany shop. https://www.micro-chiptuning.com/chiptuning-bmw-5er-f10-f11/