12.Jul.2011 - BMW E60 chip tuning brings the popular 5 Series up to speed

With chip tuning for the BMW E60 and BMW E61 from Micro-Chiptuning Germany, owners of the 5 Series BWM can easily turn the performance screw. The tested chip tuning box comes with an engine warranty.


Both the BMW 5 Series E60 as a sedan and the BMW E61 in the estate version are considered by BMW drivers to be solid and superior driving machines of the upper middle class. Built from 2003 to 2009, the models of BMW's mid-range series impress with their robust mechanics and durability.

With chip tuning from Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland (www.micro-chiptuning.com), the BMW E60 and BMW E61 receive a performance increase that is ideally forged by craftsmanship. Thus, the chip tuning box coaxes up to 84 Newton metres more torque out of the engine. This corresponds to up to 41 horsepower, which is now additionally available to BMW 5 Series drivers.

Since this 5 Series was designed at the factory for very high mileage, the use of chip tuning for the BMW E60 and BMW E61 is worthwhile even if the mileage is already high.

Denis Jany from Micro-Chiptuning Germany gives a special guarantee on his chip tuning products: "Since we only produce our chip tuning box in Germany, we can guarantee an extraordinarily high level of engine safety. For this reason, all our chip tuning customers receive an extended warranty on the engine, transmission and differential."

Fuel savers also benefit from BMW E60 and BMW E61 chip tuning. Noticeably more power in the lower rev range ensures that diesel consumption is reduced by up to 15%.

The chip tuning box for the BMW 5 Series E 60 and the BMW E 61 as well as all technical information on the performance enhancements of the BMW 5 Series models are available on the website of Micro-Chiptuning Germany. https://www.micro-chiptuning.com/chiptuning-bmw-5er-e60-e61/