27.Jul.2011 - Audi Chiptuning from Micro-Chiptuning puts the turbo in the Q5

With the chip tuning box for the Audi Q5 TDI and TFSI models, Audi drivers can step up another gear. More power in all situations brings exuberant and carefree driving pleasure.

More power for the Audi Q5 thanks to chip tuning: this is an increase that may seem unnecessary at first glance. After all, the petrol and diesel units of the Audi Q5 already impress at the factory with high engine output and efficiency.

But the tuning professionals from Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland (http://www.micro-chiptuning.de) realised that the train for even more torque in the Q5 was far from over. With their chip tuning box for the Audi Q5, they coaxed up to 75 additional Newton metres or 36 more hp out of the powerhouse. According to company owner Denis Jany, the Q5 is now really taking off.

"Thanks to the significantly increased power reserves in the lower rev range and optimised efficiency, owners of Audi chip tuning can also save up to 15 percent fuel," says Denis Jany. This is a desired side effect that the developers at Micro-Chiptuning Germany have deliberately worked towards.

Both the turbo diesel and the turbo petrol models of the Audi Q5 can be equipped with the chip tuning box in just a few steps. The new driving pleasure begins after just a few minutes thanks to foolproof installation. An extended warranty on the engine, gearbox and differential ensures confidence in the chip tuning box from Micro-Chiptuning Germany.

The Audi chip tuning for the Q5 models is available directly online in the Micro-Chiptuning Germany shop. Here, the manufacturer also provides information on all technical details and performance specifications. https://www.micro-chiptuning.com/chiptuning-audi-q5/