18.Jan.2011 - 100,000 kilometre warranty on engine, gearbox and differential

The world's smallest chip tuning box currently ensures long-term driving pleasure with the tuning performance guarantee. For the first year and up to a maximum of 100,000 km, damage to the engine, gearbox and differential is completely covered for the vehicle owner.

For many car enthusiasts, chip tuning enhances the performance of their vehicles. The electronic intervention in the engine control means more driving pleasure and drive. To ensure that this remains unclouded in the long term, when buying a vehicle-specific chip tuning box, attention should always be paid to the warranty services provided.

Micro-Chiptuning Germany, manufacturer of the world's smallest chip tuning box for powerful tuning results in many vehicle models, is one of the few German suppliers who are service-oriented when it comes to warranty for chip tuning customers. The extended warranty for the chip tuning box of the tuning provider from near Halle/Saale is valid for up to 100,000 kilometres and a maximum of one year.

Denis Jany, owner of Micro-Chiptuning Germany, explains why the warranty covers the engine as well as the gearbox and differential: "Many manufacturers only grant the legally prescribed warranty for material defects for the respective tuning box. However, this does not include damage to the engine. The customer would then be left with the damage. Since Micro-Chiptuning Germany manufactures its chip tuning box under the highest quality standards only in Germany and we offer our customers chip tuning with top performance and top service, we give a complete warranty also on engine, gearbox and differential. This means that all enthusiastic car drivers can decide to use a chip tuning box from Micro-Chiptuning without any risk."

Optimised to the original data of the series control units of the respective vehicle manufacturers

During the development of the Micro-Chiptuning Box by Micro-Chiptuning Germany, the manufacturer's data of the series control unit is read out for each vehicle model. With access to all characteristic diagrams of the control units, Micro-Chiptuning adapts each chip tuning box exactly to the manufacturer's data and can offer an optimal tuning product for long-term driving pleasure.

"There are many suppliers on the tuning market who do not take this important development step into account and offer tuning products, for example on ebay, which are not optimised for the respective vehicle model and are therefore very susceptible to damage. When buying tuning products, we strongly recommend those interested in tuning to check whether the tuning box and the control unit installed in the vehicle harmonise and thus guarantee unadulterated driving pleasure," says Denis Jany.

The chip tuning box from Micro-Chiptuning Germany, including the warranty on the engine, gearbox and differential, is available from EUR 149 in the online shop www.micro-chiptuning.com.