26.Nov.2016 - TFSI Chip Tuning

TFSI tuning with the world's smallest chip tuning box.

How chip tuning adds a second, even more powerful turbo to TFSI engines from the VW Group.

Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection: for speed-loving Audi, VW, Skoda and Seat drivers, the name alone makes the petrol rush into their blood. Because TFSI - or TSI as it is also known - stands for more power and higher torque in reduced-displacement vehicles from the VW Group. In other words, driving pleasure for all those who also appreciate a certain fuel economy advantage in their turbo petrol engine compared to large displacement cars. But TFSI / TSI alone is by no means everything when it comes to stepping on the gas. The developers of the Micro-Chiptuning-Box have found this out.

Chiptuning for TFSI vehicles is the turbo for the turbo

The world's smallest chip tuning box for TFSI engines is the result of the performance-savvy tinkerers at Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland. With bravura, their chip tuning for TFSI engines pulls out all the stops and rewards drivers with significantly more power and torque. Denis Jany, owner of Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland, attests up to 20% more power to chiptuning for TSFI vehicles.

TFSI tuning including engine warranty

The turbo for driving pleasure, that's how you could describe the TFSI chip tuning. Because the developers paid special attention to this. "On the one hand, chip tuning should be a lot of fun, but on the other hand, it should also run within the anchored engine parameters and thus enable lasting driving pleasure without side effects," says Jany. With this, he points to the 12-month warranty on engine, gearbox and differential included in the chip tuning for TFSI engines at Micro-Chiptuning Germany.

The "world's smallest chip tuning box" for VW TFSI vehicles is only available online on the Micro-Chiptuning Deutschland website: www.micro-chiptuning.com