29.Aug.2023 - BMW 440i tuning

BMW 440i tuning: performance enhancement with tuning box

The performance capability of modern cars like the BMW 440i and the Z4 M40i is impressive, but for enthusiasts looking for even more power, tuning offers an exciting way to increase performance. In addition to conventional methods such as software optimisation, chip tuning with tuning boxes is also gaining popularity.

Chiptuning: More power for your BMW 440i

Chiptuning is a proven method of increasing a car's performance. For vehicles such as the BMW 440i, the aim is to exploit the full potential of the engine. An innovative method of chip tuning is the use of a tuning box. Compared to conventional software optimisation, the tuning box offers a multitude of advantages.

Tuning box is an innovative method of chip tuning.

What is a tuning box?

A tuning box is an electronic device that is installed between the engine's sensors and the vehicle's control unit. It allows a targeted adjustment of the engine's performance functions without overwriting the factory settings. This means that the warranty and the life of the engine are less affected.

Advantages of the tuning box:

  • Power increase: The tuning box optimises the engine parameters and leads to a noticeable increase in the horsepower figures. In the case of the BMW 440i, the output of 240 kW (326 hp) can be increased to impressive levels.
  • Easy installation: Compared to software optimisation, the installation of a tuning box is uncomplicated and requires no permanent changes to the vehicle.
  • Removability: The tuning box can be easily removed, which is advantageous when visiting a workshop or selling the vehicle.

Chiptuning for the Z4 M40i

Not only the BMW 440i, but also the Z4 M40i benefits from the advantages of chip tuning. The tuning box can also enable a considerable increase in performance and raise the driving experience to the next level.

Why choose chiptuning?

The decision for chiptuning with a tuning box offers a balanced mix of performance and everyday usability. You can use the extra power when you need it while maintaining your vehicle's reliability.

If you are looking for a high-quality tuning box for your BMW 440i or Z4 M40i, we recommend you take a look at micro-chiptuning.com. Here you will find specialised tuning solutions that guarantee an optimal performance increase for your vehicle.


Chiptuning with tuning boxes offers an exciting way to boost the performance of your BMW 440i or Z4 M40i without changing the factory settings. The benefits include an impressive increase in performance, easy installation and the option to upgrade. If you want to experience the extra power while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle, the tuning box is a worthwhile option.